McHale R5 Round Bale Handler

  • Ideal for transporting bales which have been tipped on their end in the field
  • Used to collect bales after wrapping and rotate them 90° and stack them on their ends so they can hold their shapes


  • Designed to keep the bale as close as possible to the loader carriage. This gives better control, stability and balance when dealing with even the heaviest of bales
  • The bale hands are designed so that they cradle the bale without damaging the plastic. The hands are slim in design, allowing them to slip between two closely stacked bales
  • Either of the bale hands can be locked in position allowing the unlocked arm to do all the movement. This give the operator more control in confined spaces.  A heavy duty ram complete with check valve ensures a consistent grip as the bale is being transported


Length (mm) 1420
Height (mm) 590
Open distance between centers of arms (m) 1.65
Close distance between centers of arms (m) 0.67
Lifting capacity (kg) 1100
Weight (kg) 160



Spare Parts Manual



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