Kverneland iXtrack A Trailed Boom Sprayer

  • Pre & Post spraying of herbicides and pesticides


  • iXtrack A is available in 2800 liter tank with 24 m steel boom
  • Low linkage drawbar rigid together with PTO shaft allows narrow turning radius
  • Altek 4 piston-diaphragm pump 250l/pm continuous pressure of 15 bar, max 20 bar
  • Three-position suction valve-main tank, clean water and suction hose
  • Four position pressure valve-filling main tank, spraying, turbo agitation and additional functions
  • 360 liter clean water tank
  • 42 liter chemical inductor-equipped with a circular rinsing and high pressure nozzle
  • Transparent suction filter with 2 way valve
  • Huge and strong articulated platform, wide opening side covers
  • Easy access for maintenance & service, adjustable axle, sliding 1.6 – 2.10 m


  • 3 part folded: 30 m boom
  • Closed triangular construction prevents against torsion
  • 360° protection – Front and rear nozzle protection over the whole length
  • Boom folded out – cylinder folded in – maximum protection of cylinder with maximum strength
  • Strong safety breakaway – Pivoting front and backwards – Automatic reset
  • Sensing skids available as an accessory for spray booms
  • Hydraulic slope correction
  • Independent slope correction
  • Asymmetrical folding


Nominal tank capacity (l) 2800
Maximum tank capacity (l) 3050
Clean water tank (l) 360
Chemical inductor 40 x 40 (l) 40
Draw-bar Low hitch fixed
Suspension Parellelogram
HSS Boom (m) 24
kW requirement 55 – 80
Calibration formula Required spray rate (lt/ha) x Travel speed (km/h) x Working width (m) / 600 = Total Volume (lt/min) redivide Total Volume into Total Nozzles will equal Volume per nozzle per min



Operators Manual

Spare Parts Manual



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