Knock-on System

A brand new Knock-on point system is now available for our AD Plough, CLC EVO, CLC PRO, CLC II, CTC and CTC Maxi cultivators



Just like our ploughs, using a hammer and ejector, the newly Patented system allows you to quickly change the points without the need for undoing nuts and bolts – saving up to 30 minutes on a 3 m machine with 9 tines. The Knock-on system has an advantage of adding an extra 50 mm working depth to the implements.

The “Bulb” on the head of the point gives added protection to the holder by reducing soil pressure – resulting in longer life. Therefore the holder will outlive several points before needing changing. We are now offering upgrade kits to give older cultivators the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this new Knock-on System. Each kit will include C Tine/leg and Holder. Remember to order points, tine protector, wing shares, saddle kit, deflectors and ejector chisels separately if needed. The new Knock-on range has many options: 6 different working widths: 80 cm, 150 cm, 250 cm and 320 mm points + 360 mm or 470 mm wing shares to match a variety of tine spacing’s and depth required. All cultivators produced after 2010 are “Knock-on Ready!” and do not require the upgrade kits

Key Components

Holder inclusive 2 bolts KK304307R
Tine Protector KK304306R
Point 80 mm KK304349R


Knock-On Points:
Point 80 mm KK304349R
Point 150 mm KK304302R
Point 250 mm KK304312R
Point 320 mm KK304311R
Wing Shares:
Share 360 mm right KK056873R
Share 360 mm left KK066873R
Share 470 mm right KK066868R
Share 470 mm left KK066869R
Saddle right KK304316R
Saddle left KK304317R
Deflector 100 mm right KK304313R
Deflector 100 mm left KK304314R
Deflector 100 m straight KK304315R
Deflector 80 mm right KK304320R
Deflector 80 mm left KK304321R
Deflector 80 mm straight KK304322R
Tine Protector:
Tine Protector KK304306R



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