Fede Trailed FITOVID H1 Mist Blower

  • Vineyard


  • 8 Outlets Pneumatic System
  • 1 Adjustable outlet in lower position w/flat fan design, to treat the first row
  • 1 adjustable outlet in mid position w/flat fan design, that treat the upper part of the first row
  • 2 extending canon outlets in upper position, that treat the second row
  • 2-channel electrical valve. Manual pressure
  • Central lifting and hydraulic folding system
  • Lever parking brake. Hydraulic piston service brake (plug)


Model Fitovid H1
Fan size (mm) 500
Tank size (l) 1000
Pump FDH-105
kW requirement 45 – 65



Operators Manual

Spare Parts Manual



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