Dondi Mega Deep Subsoilers

  • Mounted subsoilers suitable for high-power tractors with very high clearance which ensures a perfect flow of soil even with a lot of residues, preventing any clogging


  • Able to work up to 70 cm in depth
  • The tines have a high-resistance pull bolt safety device to protect the machine and the tools against shocks and overloads
  • Can be combined with different kinds of hydraulic rear rollers (depending on the type of soil and the finishing you require)
  • Winged Sod Breakup device and Sod containment kit included


Model Mega 7-400 Mega 9-400
No. of Tines 7 9
Tine spacing (mm) 400 400
Clearance (mm) 1150 1150
Working width (mm) 2800 3600
Working Depth (mm) 700 700
kW requirement 194 – 268 231 – 298






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