Celikel Horizontal Feed Mixer Wagon

  • Mixing & Feeding


  • Reinforced trailer base plate produced with st52 material, 20 mm thickness for more durable, long life and rigidity
  • Perfect gathering of quality and brand
  • Two speed gearbox, while mixing low capacity with high speed, for the over loaded mixing take fuel save advantageous and minimize forcing
  • Augers are specially designed for the shortest mixing time and the most homogeneous mixing
  • Accurate weighing system (-3 load cells – 1 on the drawbar-2 on the axle)
  • Durable gear system used on Charger V. Get the best function of durable gear system without any extra maintenance for years
  • Counter knives on machine are for fine adjustment of mixing cutting. Optional: hydraulic control is available
  • Simple Maintenance Monitoring Easy visible oil sight glasses indicate the gearbox levels. All maintenance points are easily available making services very easy
  • Own on-board hydraulics to operate hydraulic functions


Model 12 m3
No. of augers 2
No. of blades 132
Length (mm) 6600
Width (mm) 2500
Weight (kg) 4400
kW requirement 70




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