AMB Rousset VHT Shaker

  • Shakes trees without damaging your field whilst increasing output production.



  • The tightening of the tree’s trunk can be done from 0.50 m to 3.50 m high and up to a circumference of 1.60 m (Ø 500 mm).
  • The distance between the wheel and the tree is 1 m minimum up to 2.50 m maximum.
  • The telescopic shaker can vibrate from 180 up to 200 trees per hour.
  • Quick change patterns.
  • Mechanically welded frame with a telescopic arm.
  • Stroke of the runner : 1.50 m.
  • Shaker head independent from the frame, suspended by 4 chains.
  • Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which gives a full dynamism at the starting up.


Length (mm) 3600
Width (mm) 1000
Height (mm) 1300
Weight (kg) 1280
Road driving position width (mm) 2200
Road driving position height (mm) 3400




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