Alpler Trailed Lime Spreader

  • Trailed lime and fertilizer spreaders


  • Hand brake
  • Accurate spread pattern
  • Hydraulic control spinners and multiple drop point adjustment ensuring accurate spreading
  • Hydraulic drive machines are VRT ready (Variable Rate Technology) and compatible with most GPS systems
  • Simple and easy to operate ground drive or hydraulic drive machines
  • Alpler load cells ensure accurate spreading
  • Ability to customise machine to to customer requirements
  • Stainless spreading deck and stainless wearing parts. All nuts/bolts are stainless steel


Model AS 100 AS 120
Lime capacity (ton) 11 13
Bin length (mm) 3000 3600
Bin width (mm) 2250 2250
Loading height (mm) 2800 2600
Ladder & inspection window Yes Yes
kW requirement 80 80



Operators Manual



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