Alpler 2 Row Maize Planter

  • Planting of maize, soya bean, sunflower, cotton, sugar beet, peanut and chickpea


  • Able to plant crops and at the same time fertilize down the row where it is needed
  • Place the fertilizer where it is utilized the most
  • Planter pulls easily with smaller tractors


Rows 2
Seed tank volume (l) 30 x 2
Hopper volume (l) 90
Length (mm) 1770
Width (mm) 1500
kW requirement 35



Operators & Spare Parts Manual

Set Up Points

  • Store the planter under shelter at all times
  • When completed sowing for the year, clean the planter before putting it onto storage
  • Lubricate all chains with a mixture of engine oil and diesel
  • Grease all greasing point daily, 3 pumps
  • Remove brush bracket when changing seed plates
  • Adjust downward pressure as required depending on the soil
  • Adjust fertilizer shoes to the depth required
  • Adjust clod deflector in front of the seeding shoe, 2 cm above soil surface
  • Adjust fertilizer opening as required for 0 – 70 kg
  • Avoid any water or moisture on fertilizer bucket while sowing


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