Why Jupidex?

Jupidex is a leading world-class supplier of superior quality and affordable agricultural equipment and spare parts with exceptional service to the African market.

World Class Brands

Jupidex prides itself in the import, manufacture and distribution of internationally renowned brands.

Extensive Dealer Network

Jupidex is one of the market leaders in the agricultural equipment market with arguably one of the best dealer network with more than 90+ outlets in South Africa alone.

Five Star Partners

Being part of the Plennegy Group also provides Jupidex with marketing opportunities throughout Africa with the necessary financial backup needed to source these products.

Unrivaled Product Range

We are able to supply over 100 products to almost anywhere in Africa.

Year-On-Year Growth

Jupidex has gone from strength to strength since it's inception.

Top Level Support

Offering full support and guarantees on our entire range of product, you can be sure that you will not be left out in the cold.

Andreoli ATOM 4000 self-propelled sprayer

  • Self-propelled sprayer gives maximum driving comfort, total safety and unparalleled spray delivery system. Due to its capacity, power, manoevrability and efficiency, ATOM 4000 enables significant reduction of spraying time and total driver protection.

McHale V660 Variable Chamber Baler

The McHale V660 is a semi-automatic Variable Chamber Baler

Kverneland 150 B V Mounted Reversible Plough

  • Intensive ploughing for small to medium size farms

Kverneland AB Mounted Conventional Plough

  • Ploughing-loosing or mixing of soil
  • Turning of the soil to help with break down of organic material

Kverneland ES Mounted Reversible Plough

  • Ploughing-loosing or mixing of soil
  • Turning of the soil to help with break down of organic material

Alpler Economy Disc Plough

  • To turn over soil.
  • Preparation for planting seeds.
  • Excellent solution for rooty, sticky or abrasive soil.

Alpler Conventional Shearbolt Plough

  • To turn over soil.
  • Preparation for planing seeds.

Alpler CDHV14 Extra Heavy Duty Trailed Disc Harrow

  • Designed to incorporate high volume of residue into the ground and for lime incorporation.

Alpler 14 & 16 Offset Disc Harrow

  • To air the soil and to eliminate the weeds.

Jupidex Square Baler

  • Baling of wet and dry material

Jupidex’s exceptional service and customer satisfaction sets Jupidex apart from the competition.